Go back to the list of your skills and edit the skill Ticket

Choose the skill type Action

We have automatically created three types of resources for you

  • Collect: Allows to collect the necessary information before carrying out the action.

  • Validation: Allows to validate the data retrieved by the chatbot before executing the action.

  • Result: Allows you to display to the user the results of the action we executed (invoice status for example).

1) Collect

Now add the questions the chatbot must ask before creating the ticket.

For the example we will ask :

  • The email

  • The subject of the request

  • Description of the application

To add them, click on "Create a resource" and select "Collect" because we want to collect information from the user.

2) Validation

We want a validation step that will allow the user to validate the information they have entered and modify it if necessary. We automatically add a validation step, so you will only have to write the content of this resource.

3) Result

The result step warns the user that the action has been completed.

Tip: Name your resources so that you can easily understand what they are used for.

Setting up questions

Here is the list of my questions:

Set the text for the first 3 resources as seen previously in the FAQ.

Here are some text ideas:

  • Email: In order to send your request to our team, insert your email here.

  • Subject: What is the subject of your request?

  • Description: Could you describe your request in more detail?

Set up the validation resource.

The validation step is not necessary but always interesting.

It allows to summarize the answers obtained and to change them otherwise.

Edit the Validation resource

Then enter a first message like :

Validate the following information:

Add a second message as follows:

  • Email: @email

  • Topic: @subject

  • Description : @description

When you type the "@" you will be offered the items collected in the previous questions.

Then activate the suggested answer options and name it "Yes" or "Validate" or whatever you like.

You can add buttons that will allow the user to change the values they have entered.

For each modification button, you have to set the logic to redirect to the question that asks for the information (email, subject or description in our case).

It is also necessary to go to the answer options via the edit icon and activate the option Force next resource. Otherwise, the question will not be asked because the answer is considered known by the chatbot.

Then set the end resource with a text like :

Perfect! A message has been sent to our team who will get back to you shortly.

Set the action trigger

It's almost over.

Now all you have to do is tell your chatbot when to perform the action.

In our case, this is when in the Ticket skill, the user answers Validate to the Validation question.

To set this up, go back to the Ticket skill and then to the Validation resource.

On the Logic tab, activate the workflow option.

Then tell the chatbot when to perform this action.

When the answer to the selected question

Is equal to => choose Is equal to in Operator

Yes => choose Validate in Value (or any other text if you named the button otherwise)

Trigger Email workflow => choose Email (or create it) in Workflow. If it does not exist, click enter and the workflow will be created.

And confirm that it went well: choose the End resource in the values to trigger the actions, in front of default

Here is what your Validation resource logic should look like:

Set up the workflow

You have finalized your skill that will allow you to send an email.

Now you need to set up the workflow we created. A workflow is a combination of actions of the type: email sending, post API, etc...

Go to Workflow

The workflow you created in the previous step is visible in this list, Edit (small pen).

Click on "ADD A STEP".

Click on the option "Email - send email" then edit the action (small pen, again and again)

Then edit the email that will leave:

  • Sender: Insert an email address that will send the email.

  • Subject of the email : type the subject of the email

  • Recipients: add the email addresses that will receive the email (press Enter to validate)

  • Email body: write the email sent. Remember to add the collected attributes by inserting them with the famous "@".

It's almoooooost over!

Go to the last step to test your baby !

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