The Menu skill is not mandatory but often comes in handy. 

It often consists in redirecting the user to the different skills available. 

Technically, you have to repeat exactly the same operations as you did for the Intro skill. So I will summarize very quickly (to make your brain work):

  1. Choose the type of skill: Scenario

  2. Add a resource: name the Menu

  3. Add a message like: What do you want to do now?

  4. Activate the suggested response options

  5. Add two buttons: FAQ and Ticket

  6. Connect the buttons to the FAQ and Ticket skills

Only difference in size :

By default, when a user responds to a resource, we store this in an attribute. The second time the user passes by, the robot will remember this and not ask the question again.

In this case, we have to tell the robot to ask the question again even if we already have the answer.

To do this: 

  1. edit the resource Menu

  2. Go to Memory

  3. Enable the Ask the question again option

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