A functional chatbot is good, but a MAGNIFICENT functional chatbot is even better! We'll see how to customize the design of your chatbot. To do so, go to the Settings tab and then Design your chatbot.

You will be able to modify 4 aspects:

  • colors

  • images

  • postings

  • widget


You can set up 5 different colors:

  • color of the bot (color of the basic buttons and the burger menu)

  • color of button text and user written text

  • background color and widget button

  • header text color

  • custom button color

Below is an example of the configuration and the associated rendering, respectively:


Three images can be selected:

  • the logo: it is displayed in the top left corner of the chatbot

  • the conversation logo: the bot's chat icon (also displayed as the web page logo)

  • the information picto: is displayed at the top right of the screen (by clicking on it, you can access the help)

  • Below, respectively, a configuration and the associated rendering :


In the display, you can choose whether or not to display several items :

  • the file upload button: 1

  • images upload button: 2

  • the header: 3

  • the bot title: 4

  • the burger menu: 5

  • the bot description in the header: 6

It's also possible to set the "Input placeholder" i.e. the indication in the chat bar: "Write your answer here".

And, finally, it is possible to give a personalized url to the chatbot.


The widget is the button you make available on a web page to allow your users to access the chatbot (bottom right of the page).

You can choose the pictogram, its shape, its size. The widget also displays a notification. You can choose the background color, text color and text size. 

Finally, by default the widget notification will not be sent more than once a day (86400000 ms), but you can change this value. You can also change the delay before the widget is displayed when a user goes to the web page that makes the chatbot accessible.

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