The "User Queries" tab in the NLU section displays information that can be seen as a picture taken at the moment the query was typed. This means that the information may no longer be valid at the time you view it (Indeed, having up-to-date information at the time of viewing would mean re-training the NLU every time the page is displayed ; difficult thing to do because of the computing time involved ⚙️ 🔥 ).

You can nevertheless obtain this updated information, query by query, by clicking on the dedicated button: "test".

On the example here, by clicking on the "test" button on the 4th line, the result will be:

Here the information differs from what is presented in the main list. For example, the recognized intention is now "share my chatbot" ("partager mon chatbot" in French on the screenshot) whereas on the main list view, the recognized intention (at the time the request was typed by a user) was "update..." ("mettre à..." in French on the screenshot). In the meantime (the moment the query was typed and the moment this page is viewed), the NLU must have been re-trained, which explains the "improvement" of the information 👍.

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