When setting the NLU of your application, it may be interesting to consult the list of expressions associated with each intention or entity.

To do this, in the "NLU" section of the Vizir dashboard, go to the "Intentions" tab where you will find the list of intentions you have configured for your NLU.

In the panel corresponding to the intention of your choice, click on the third "Related Intentions" button:

A side panel will open on the right side of your screen that displays a list of all the expressions you have previously typed that correspond to this intention. This panel is exactly the same as the one displayed when you click on "test the NLU". (present in all the sections of the dashboard, on the top right) ; you can perform the same actions (add/modify entities, add an expression, filter/search expressions, ...):

In the same way, you can have a "per entity" view of your expressions by going to the "Entities" tab of your NLU section. The only difference here is that the button allowing you to view the expressions corresponding to an entity is located in second position in each panel:

This displays the side pane presenting the expressions containing the selected entity:

⚠️ Warning : In order to be able to train NLU, you must have typed at least 2 expressions by entity ⚠️

(preconfigured entities such as "time", "amount of money" do not need any expression to be typed by you)

That's all folks! 👋

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