If you have followed the Vizir "first steps" or the "white/yellow belt" training module, you know how to set up a skill of the FAQ type. On the other hand, you have probably said to yourself: "I'm not going to have all my content created by hand when I already have it in an Excel file".

And no, you don't have to! Vizir allows you to import FAQs in csv format, as you can see in this video.

In this article, I'm going to go into more detail about the mandatory structure that you must follow for your csv file. Let's take the example of the e-shop FAQ again.

There are 5 columns in this template :

  1. the first one which just corresponds to the line number

  2. the second which describes the message you want the chatbot to display. Example: in line 2, I defined my resource with the bot's message "Welcome...", which allows me to get this text when I access my FAQ in the chatbot. To get two messages like below, you just have to separate the text of your two messages with a ";".

  3. the third one that describes the title of the resource => it is also the name that will be placed in the button

  4. the fourth column, the level => Is the resource a menu? a sub-menu? a sub-sub-menu? Column 3 and 4 are very related, together they allow to manage the display of buttons in the chatbot. For example: in line 2 I have the level 0 of my faq = my menu, so I would have in buttons ALL THE NAMES OF RESOURCES OF LEVEL 1, so "Warranty"/"Return items"/"Manufacturing Products".

  5. the fifth column, the keywords => they will allow to train the Elastic Search algorithm so that the chatbot redirects to contents adapted to the user requests.

For example: my chatbot will know that it has to go to the resource on line 2 if I type the keyword "guarantee".

Good luck 😋

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