First of all, what is a linear procedure? If you have watched the first video of the green belt training, you already know! If not, you should know that at Vizir we call a linear procedure, a scenario skill which is a succession of steps that the user will follow to solve a problem.

In our example, it's a procedure to solve a secondary screen problem that doesn't work.

Here is the structure of the Excel file to automatically import this procedure in your chatbot :

There are 7 columns in this template:

1) the first one which just corresponds to the line number

2) the second which describes the message you want the chatbot to display.

Example: in line 2, I defined my resource with the bot's message "Start with ...", which allows me to get this text when I access my FAQ in the chatbot. To get two messages like below, you just have to separate the text of your two messages with a ";".

3) the third one which describes the title of the resource => you have to name the resource with common sense because it is the name that will allow you to use the user's answer in actions or statistics.

4) The next three columns are used to determine if you want to equip the bot's message with the buttons as below :

It's just a matter of putting yes or no on each of the buttons. In the example, "problem solved" allows to stop the process in progress and to return to the menu; the button "create a ticket" allows to stop the process if you don't manage to carry out a step. "Next" simply allows you to go to the next step of the procedure.

5) Finally, the image column allows you to fill in the URL of an image that you want to add to your procedure step, as below :

Have fun ­čží

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