Let's start at the beginning, the persistent menu is this:

It's available on our web interface and on Facebook Messenger. The other platforms handle it differently.

We'll see how to set it up simply in your Vizir interface.


You must have a chatbot with some existing skills, it's better.

What it can do

You have 3 types of buttons in your burger menu:

  1. Postback: a scientific word for redirection to one of your skills.

  2. Nested : scientific word to say that it is a sub menu.

  3. Web URL: as its name indicates, refers to a URL other than Vizir (to your site, for example).

How do I set up a burger menu?

You have to go to Settings and then to Burger Menu.

You will arrive on an interface of this style with no entries. Click on Add an entry.

Then click on the small Pen icon and you can start setting up your new persistent

Menu entry.

Here are the elements to set up :

  • Value: type what you want. Tip => put a little emoji at the beginning of the entry, it looks nice.

  • Then choose the type of entries (as seen above), and I will detail below.

Postback entry

A postback allows you to link the menu button to a skill.

You should fill it in as follows:

  1. Payload: This is the name of the action to be performed when the user clicks on the button. Without really going further, I advise you to write it like this => burger_name of the skill. In fact it should be a simple string, without spaces and without special characters (like Γ©, Γ¨, ?, ...). Here I'll put burger_createticket

  2. Logic: simply choose the skill to which you want to redirect the button

  3. Complete all processes: we advise you to activate it. In fact, this will end all the processes started by the user. It avoids untimely bugs 😊

And this is what it looks like πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Web URL entry

A web URL entry allows you to add a link to a site external to Vizir.

You just have to add the URL of the site (without forgetting the https:// of course)

Nested entry

The nested entry simply allows you to create sub-menus. So the nested entry itself will be your main sub entry menu. It will be clearer with these screenshots.

So here I have created a Nested entry called πŸ“„ Les documents

I don't have anything more to set up right now.

To add sub-menus to this entry, I click here:

And paf I arrive on a new interface for creating entries.

And there I add other entries:

So this is what my menu will look like:

Let's put it in another way:

> New ticket (refers to skills ticket creation).

> Visit our website (links to my site)

> Documents (nested)

> rib (url)

> cerfa 404 (url)

> declaration on honour (url)

To see your masterpiece, click Publish and open your bot in URL mode.

Bim bam boom

And the nested!

Here we are

Big love 🧑

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