If you need to make a chatbot totally FAQ (not really mega recommended, you know we like the automations πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹) then we have the miracle solution !

And yes Elastic Seach is here !!!

But what is Elastic Search ?

In two words, it's a very powerful type of algorithm that allows you to search a database based on some detected keywords.

It is not a simple keyword search. Several layers of intelligence are involved. For example, before doing the search the algo goes :

  1. Cleanse the user's phrase of useless words (ex: from, to, to, to, la, the, the, it, etc...).

  2. Pass all the remaining words on their root (ex: navigation πŸ‘‰ navig). This allows the algo to match other formulations of the word navigate, navigates, etc...

  3. Compare the cast sentence with the keywords you put on each resource of your bot

  4. Bring out a top ranking of the closest resources (at Vizir we only take the first one)

How do you make a 100% Elastic Search bot in Vizir?

So if you make this kind of bot, it is that you will certainly use the import Excel to FAQ Vizir πŸ‘‰ see how to do here

Let's say you've already imported everything πŸ‘.

By default, Vizir activates both the NLU algorithm and the Elastic Search algorithm.

To have only the Elastic Search, do that :

You must disable the push button in box 2 "Intent and entity..."

And leave the Search Algorithm on,...

Add a misunderstanding skill

Small bonus: don't forget to add a misunderstanding skill

πŸ‘‰ see how to do here

Don't forget to Publish to activate these items.

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