This document is an explanation about how to install Vizir extension on SharePoint Online.

Vizir add-in is composed by 1 file. The extension is contained in the file vizir-extension-spfx.sppkg and can be installed to all the pages of a site SharePoint


  • The extension is working only on SharePoint Online

  • You need to be SharePoint administrator to install the application

Install the application into the app catalog

Create the App Catalog site collection

The first step is to create the App Catalog site collection if it hasn't already been created. The SharePoint App catalog is the site where all the third-party application running on SharePoint are installed. To do so:

1) Sign in to Office 365 as a global admin or SharePoint admin.

2) Select the app launcher icon.

3) The app launcher icon in Office 365 in the upper-left and choose Admin to open the Microsoft 365 admin center. (If you don't see the Admin tile, you don't have Office 365 administrator permissions in your organization.)

4) In the left pane, choose Admin centers > SharePoint.

5) Select More features in the left pane, and then select Apps.

6) On the page, click on App Catalog

7) If the App Catalog site doesn't open, select Create a new app catalog site, and then select OK

8) On the Create App Catalog Site Collection page, enter the required information, and then select OK.

For more information, you can visit this page: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/use-app-catalog

Add Vizir extension to the app catalog

You are now able to add your application to the app catalog. To do so:

1) Open the URL of the app catalog previously created

2) Click on the menu Apps for SharePoint

3) Click on the button Upload and upload the file the vizir-extension-spfx.sppkg

4) A popup is opening asking to confirm the extension installation.
If you are using the extension: Click on deploy

5) The application is now installed to your SharePoint tenant

Installing Vizir extension to a SharePoint site


The extension is installed globally per site. When the extension is installed and configured to a site, it will be available to all the pages of the site.


1) Open the SharePoint site where you want to install Vizir and go to Site contents

2) Click on Add an app

3) Click on: From your organization/Vizir extension

4) Go to dashboard.vizir.co and in sharing. Enter the url of your sharepoint (https://vizirco.sharepoint.com/sites/newdev) in the input

5) Publish your chatbot

6) The extension is now installed and configured successfully, and you can see Vizir widget in every page.

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